Astonishing Aquarelle

Astonishing Aquarelle “Martin”

6 months old on the photo. Photo by My Brand Labradors.

yellow male (BBee? Bbee?)
DoB 22.04.2021


  • hips —
  • elbows —
  • eyes —
  • heart —
  • prcd-PRA Normal/Clear by Parentage
  • EIC —
  • NHPK —
  • in EKU official database »

Martin joined our pack just recently, in October 2021. He is born in Poland and son of a Charm Bluevil Mr. Darcy and Margherita Aquarelle. We are grateful to Magda, for trusting this sweet boy with us, thank you!


INT CH Charm Bluveil Mr. Darcy
HD B/B ED 0:0 Eyes Clear, prcd-PRA N/N clear, EIC N/N clear, HNPK N/HNPK carrier
AM CH Langshott Gale Force from Kimvalley CD
GB SH CH Sandylands Gad-About GB SH CH Sandylands My Guy
GB SH Ch Sandylands Bliss
Kimvalley Follow On To Langshott Newinn Oak Leaf at Kimvalley
Kimvalley Last Fling
AM CH Charm’s Dancing To The Music
Bluveil Balanchine Cornlands Wellington
Ophelia Di Casa Paraporti
AM CH Hitmans Charm N Ginger Bear AM CH Ridge View Heartland Hit Man
AM CH Pine Edge Polar Honey Bear
Margherita Aquarelle
HD A/A 0:0 Eyes Clear
Heart Echo Doppler Clear
prcd-PRA, Normal/Clear
HNPK Normal/Clear
EIC Carrier
Carpe Diem Ingver
HD A/A ED 1:0 Eyes Clear
prcd-PRA Normal/Clear
EIC Normal/Clear
C.I.B. FIN EST CH FIN W’06 LTU W’08 Follies Mon Oncle Mallorn’s Romeo
Tweedledum Follies Bergerer
Musta Ingver Mallorn’s Ursus Arctos
Hermenegilda Ingver
C.I.B. C.I.E. POL EST CH Parma Molto Bene
HD A/A ED 0:0 Eyes Clear
prcd-PRA Normal/Clear
HNPK Clear (N/N), EIC Carrier
RUS LV CH RUS JCH BY CH Tweedledum Against All Odds Tweedledum Brookland Savoy
Tweedledum Mascara
POL CH Zarina Ekado INT CH Saturday Night Fever Of Tintagel Winds
Fables Sable Blues


Astonishing Aquarelle


Hopefully soon


Hopefully soon