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Eliza 5 years old

* 5 years on the photo.

Our Fair Lady Eliza has got the style and type, but is still the same warm-hearted and down-to-earth girl even after winning the show or passing the tests. She is a friend to everybody and has a compassionate heart for every child and rabbit and puppy. A true labrador soul to live with!

Eliza is a happy creature wit a lot of curiousity - she always has to know what you're doing and why, so she sits next to you and wants to be part of the progress, whether you're changing a tyre or fixing a computer.
We love her to bits, thank You, Anu for trusting us this sunbeam!

Eliza is mother of our E-litters.

qualified in the field (Oct'04 at the age of 10 months)
Forest Duck hunting test passed (08/05, III Prize)

-Labrador Specialty 9.11.08: Winner of Champion Class, Best Female, Best of Breed!
Retriever Specialty 16.08.08: winner of Champion Class, Best of Females-2.

Labrador Specialty Show 11.11.2007: Best of Breed
(Bolette Heering, kennel Melicmark, Denmark)!
Labrador Specialty Show 19.08.2006: Best of Breed, CC = EST CH
(Jan Roger Sauge, kennel Mambrinos, Norway)!
Specialty Show'05: Best of Females-2, CC
(Laura Dedering, kennel Folklaur, USA)

Specialty Show 21.05.2009: BEST IN SHOW!
(Manolo Quijeiro, kennel Quijeiro, Mexico)
Specialty Show 10.09.2006: Best Female-3, reserv-CC!
(Anja Verbeek, kennel Farbourne, Netherlands)
Finland Labrador Club Show 2006: BEST IN SHOW!
(Torill Hanstad, kennel Narjana's, Norway)

Retriever Specialty 11.04.2010: Best of Breed, BEST IN SHOW!
(Andrzej Stępiński, kennel Oligarchia, POL)
Specialty Show 22.09.2007: Best of Breed, Best In Show-2!
(Judith Charlton, kennel Foxrush UK)
Specialty Show 21.10.2006: Best of Breed, CC = LV CH!
(Per Iversen, Norway)

-Minsk International 15.11.08: Winner of Champion Class, Best Female, CC = BLR CH, CACIB.

2 x BOB-Baby, BEST IN SHOW-placements, 5 x BOB-Junior

Gunilla Ek
(SW, kennel Attikonak) Labrador Specialty 9.11.08 -"5,5 years old yellow, what a lovely old-fashioned girl, lovely head and expression, excellent neck and shoulder placement, topline and tail-set, so well angulated fore and after, lovely width of second thigh, excellent bone and feet, lovely roomy ribcage, excellent coat and texture, moves very well, oh, what a lovely bitch!" 

Tom Grant (UK, kennel Simandem) Retriever Specialty 16.08.08 - "Very good type, kind head and expression, good neck and topline, good depth and spring of rib, good angulations front and rear, good coat, moved well"

Judith Charlton (UK), 22.09.2007 Retriever Specialty Show in Latvia - "Typy bitch, full of breed type, typical head and expression, good neck and shoulders, short-coupled, balanced body with good spring of rib, level topline, excellent quarters, bone and feet, correct double coat, otter tail, moved extremely well" (Winner in Champion Class, Best Bitch, BEST OF BREED, BEST IN SHOW-2.)

Per Iverson (Norway), 21.10.2006 Retriever Specialty Show in Latvia - "Excellent type and size, Lovely well balanced yellow bitch with lovely head and epression, very good reach of neck, very good lay back of shoulders. Excellent body, strong topline, well angulated behind. Very typical coat and tail. Very sound in movement. Well presented. Super temperament.." (Winner in Champion Class, Best Bitch, CC = LV CH, BEST OF BREED.)

Anja Veerbeck (Holland), 10.09.2006 Labrador Specialty Show in Finland - "Quality girl with lovely head and sweet expression, excellent top line, goot tail set and otter tail, good angulations in front and rear, nice developed body, good bone and feet, beautiful coat, excellent mover, very showy." (2nd in Champion Class, Best Bitch-3, reserv-CC.)

Jan Roger Sauge (Norway, kennel Mambrinos), 19.08.2006 Labrador Specialty Show in Tallinn - "2,5 years old bitch, excellent breed type, lovely head and expression, long neck, good front and bone, level topline, good angulations, moves very well, lovely coat." (Winner of Working Class, Best Bitch, BEST OF BREED, CC = EST CH)

David Hepper (kennel Mardas, UK) 12.02.2006 Retriever Specialty Show in Tallinn - nice type with lovely head and expression, good neck and shoulder, good bone, nice feet, level topline, good strong quarters, short coupled, moved well (Winner of Open Class, BEST FEMALE-3).

Anne Taylor (kennel Fabracken, UK) 13.02.2005 Labrador Retriever Specialty Show in Tallinn - well balanced typical bitch, very nice head and expression, strongly made, well angulated in front and rear, good bone and feet, well sprung ribs, correct lenght of neck, well developed size, moved very soundly. (BEST OF BREED JUNIOR, Junior-CC, Best Female-4).

Mary A Wiest (kennel Beechcrofts, USA) 29.05.2004 Labrador Retriever Specialty Show in Saue - yellow bitch of excellent breed type, lovely expression, good reach of neck going cleanly into good shoulders, good topline & tailset, lovely otter tail, good depth of chest & good brisket, lovely balance of front & rear angulations (BEST OF BREED BABY & BEST OTTERTAIL).

Annaliisa Harjukari (kennel Loresho, Finland) 25.04.2004 Labrador Retriever Puppy Show in Viljandi - excellent type, excellent head type, needs more stop, beautiful expression, very good pigment, very good angulations front and back, good topline, very good coat, moves good front and side, little bit narrow behind (at this age), well shown (BEST OF BREED BABY (2-4 months) & BEST IN SHOW-3).

training session baby Eliza Dolly & Eliza 9 weeks 6 weeks old Eliza


yellow female
born: 13.12.2003

hips A/A,
elbows 0:0,
eyes OK

Optigen prcd/PRA Normal/Clear.
full dentition

EIC Carrier (N/EIC)

breeder Anu Honkapirtti, Finland.

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SW CH NORW CH NW'97 Mambrinos Triumph
HD A/A ED 0:0
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Cambremer Copy Cat GB CH Kupros Master Mariner
Cambremer Montclair
NORW CH KBHW'96 NW'98 Mambrinos Celebration
N CH Narjanas Thord GB CH Trenow Brigadier
N CH Narjanas Faiscah
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