Dolly (1998-2009)

It all began with Dolly…

I wasn’t looking for a show dog or a dog for breeding. I just wanted a pet and we were ready to take puppy without “the documents”, because we thought mistakenly, that these are cheaper and there is no difference. Lucky for us there were no such kind of puppies available and 1998 Dolly joined us.

But, as it often happens – after living a while with Dolly we discovered that there is a wonderful world out there to discover with a dog. We discovered that dog shows are not a big circus, but an interesting hobby, which takes so little time and effort. Dolly inspired us to take part also in obediance, agility and hunting test trainings, we even tried water rescue. But true passion for Dolly was hunting.

Dolly set the standard high and my goal became to breed labradors that are truely multi puprose dogs: nice and healthy pet with the ability to work if necessary, being able to win in high competition at the shows. Kennel My Brand is registered on 2000. We are in the beginning of this journey, but I believe that our directions are right and the mission (dual-purpose labrador) is possible.

First litter was born in 2003 and from this litter we have

MB DEEP IN HEART – people rescue dog, qualified in the field and passed forest duck hunting test, Champion of four countries and Best of Breed at the Specialty in Estonia 2006;

MB DESIGN BY ANGESTEL, narcotic searching dog, with the Best of Breed (CC & CACIB) at the International dog show;

MB DOUBLETROUBLE & DANNY BOY, who compete in obediance competition and have gained also good results at the dog show.

Progeny of these dogs have carried on as people rescue dogs, narcotic searching dogs and hunting dogs and have received Class wins and Best of Breed titles from International and Specialty shows. I will keep my fingers crossed for them and feel proud of every result they gain.

We have had other dogs joining our family later and I thank those breeders, who have been there to help us with their knowledge and have taught me, engouraged me and helped to get closer to my goal.

There is no successful dogs without the great work of their owner and I have to bow before our puppy owners! They have given our puppies their love, time, effort and care and I am so grateful for that. We have the best puppyowners ever!

Maarit & My Brand puppyI am member of:

  • Estonian Kennel Union,
  • Estonian Retriever Club (Coordinator in Breeding Matters),
  • Finnish Labrador Club,
  • Labrador Club of Scotland,
  • Midland Counties Labrador Retriever Club.

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