My Brand Night Is Still Young “Ronda”

* 3 years and changing the coat on the photo

black female (BBEe? BBEE?)
DoB 7.7.2019
Co-owner Rando Lapsanit, Estonia


  • hips A/A
  • elbows 0:0
  • eyes clear (July 2020)
  • heart ECHO Doppler Clear (Sept 2022)
  • In EKU database »


  • prcd-PRA Normal/Clear by Parentage
  • HNPK Normal/Clear by Parentage
  • EIC Clear (N/N) by Parentage


MBISJ MX CH PR CH Maroma’s Captain Cove
HD A/A ED 0:0 Eyes Clear (AVCO)
Heart: Clear by Doppler
prcd-PRA Normal/Clear
CNM N/N (Clear)
HNPK N/N (Clear)
EIC N/N (Clear)
long coat N/N (Clear)
AM GCH Lakeside Memoir Of Gallivant Gallivant Big Pine Out of Africa AM GCH Paradocs Bellwether Heath
AM GCH Big Pine Faith in Africa
AM CH Meredith Herbu Zadora POL CH Kimleigh’s New Moon Rising
Yunta Yara Herbu Zadora
The Princess Of Oz (Concha) AM CH Lobuff Hollyridge Wizard of Oz AM CH Lobuff Hollyridge Osprey
Rocheby Replica
Belquest Princess Maya Summerlin Call of Duty
AM CH Belquest Lovely Lady Lumps
My Brand Last Night At Cheyas
HD A/A ED 0:0 Eyes Clear
prcd-PRA Normal/Clear
HNPK N/N (Clear)
EIC N/N (Clear)
Vegas Night Bella Mare
HD A/A ED 0:0 Eyes Clear
prcd-PRA Normal/Clear
Also Normal/Clear on EIC, HNPK, CNM & Narcolepsia
AM CH POL CH Dickendall Buckstone Three Dog Night MBISS AM GRCH CAN CH Saddlehill Late Knight Scramble
CH Dickendall Princess Phoebe
JCH PL Sandamar HySpire I’m So Vain CH Buttonwood Stone Cliff True Grit
Hyspire It Had To Be You
My Brand Kiss From A Rose
HD B/B ED 0:0 Eyes Clear
prcd-PRA Normal/Clear
HNPK Clear by Parentage
full dentition
MEX EST CH Tabatha’s Caffu Queijeiro CH Dickendall Bucky
CH Tabatha’s Gala WC
My Brand Rare Stone Rose BISS CH Big Sky’s Stone Kutter
EST LV RUS JCH BALT JW’06 Rocheby Liberty Belle


9.10.2021 Retriever Working Test in Pärnumaa, II prize in Beginners Class, judge Martin Incedi
31.07.2021 Retriever qualification test in Ellamaa = qualified, judge Riin Kooli-Kõnnussaar