* 11 months old on the photo.

chocolate female (bbEE)
born 14.01.2017
Co-owned with Kristin Cross, Estonia.


  • hips A/A,
  • elbows 0:0
  • eyes clear (February 2019)
  • prcd-PRA Normal/Clear
  • HNPK Normal/Clear(N/N)
  • EIC Normal/Clear(N/N)
  • in EKU official database »

Dana is a promising youngster from the litter by GENUINE MY BRAND OPTIMUS CANIS “Lucca” out of lovely ROYAL BROWN FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE “Flicka”. Thank you, Britta, for the trust!


BALT JW’15 EST JCH Genuine My Brand Optimus Canis
HD A/A ED 0:0 Eyes Clear
PRA-prcd & EIC & CNM & CY & DM & HUU & PKD Normal/Clear
INT CH POL JCH POL BLK UKR BUL CH Mallorn’s Black Gangsta
HD A/A, ED 0:0, prcd-PRA Normal/Clear, EIC Clear
Mallorn’s Romeo Visions I’m Able
Rosanan La Rosa
Mallorn’s Premium Chocolate NORW SW SH CH Mementos Mario
Mallorn’s Chocomotion
Amazing Poppy Optimus Canis
HD A/A ED 0:0, prcd-PRA Normal/Clear EIC N/EIC
PL SK CH Mallorn’s Chocomania SW SH CH Tjotte’s Now Or Never
FIN CH Boothgate Miz Showbusiness
POL JCH PL CH Night Night Optimus Canis POL CH Hercules Poirot Ingver
GODIVA z Tuszyna
Royal Brown From Russia With Love
HD A/A ED 0:0 Eyes Clear
HNPK Normal/Clear
RUS RKF BLR UKR FIN INT CH Stenveyz Get Popular
HD A/A, ED 0:0, eyes clear
FIN EST RUS CH Palabras Keep On Movin’ N CH NV-01 Birchbrook Barley Wine of Charway
FIN CH Tweedledum Palabras Kleo
Stenveyz Part of Million FIN CH Follies Rule of Thumb
INT GRAND RUS LT UKR BLR RKF CH CLUB W’01 ’03 Evellan’s Halfmillion Kisses For Stenveyz
Royal Brown Bethany Bell
HD A/A ED 0:0
POL SK CH Mallorn’s Chocomania S Sh CH Tjotte’s Now Or Never
FIN CH Boothgate Miz Showbusiness
Irwlend Kimi-Charlotte Ingus Ciando
Nenuoramos Kimberly Sunride




Date Show Judge Class Results
17.06.2018 National, Luige Denis Dudko (Belarus) Junior Class BOB Junior Junior CC BOB, BIG-3
16.06.2018 National, Luige Maxim Nikolski (Belarus) Junior Class BOS Junior, Junior CC
03.06.2018 INT Estonian Winner 2018 Chantal Varaine (France) Junior Class EXC
25.03.2018 National, Tallinn Luis Peixoto (Portugal) Junior Class EXC 2 CQ
24.03.2018 National, Tallinn Tina Peixoto (Portugal) Junior Class EXC 1 CQ BB3 BOS Junior, Junior CC


29.09.2018 Qualified in the field in Läänemaa, Estonia (judge Vesa Hietikko, Finland)


Chantal Varaine, FRA:

“Excellent type, head lines with good proportions, full correct teeth, angulations, topline, movement, tailset – excellent.”