My Brand Espirit


My Brand Espirit “Amelie”

yellow female (BBee)
8.11.2009 – 8.01.2024


  • hips D/D
  • elbows 2:1
  • eyes clear
  • prcd-PRA  Clear By Parentage
  • EIC Carrier (N/EIC)
  • Full dentition
  • In EKU database »


Amelie was a sure pick for a breeder, a puppy with amazing yet correct coat, wonderful type, a head to die for and a temperament of the best kind. There was no hesitation about this puppy. Even though she too passed the phase of an ugly duckling, she is getting more and more beautiful every day.

She has inherited her mother’s curiosity and clown gene. Her happy mood catches everybody and she is fun to watch and show. Amelie passed the breed trials at young age and made us very proud.

And when she was 10 months old and won the breed, I was breathless. At the age of 13 months she won the breed at the Finnish Winner show and was 4th in a big group, where all the possible breed were represented.

At the age of 17 months this girl has 9 titles and 6 x Best of Breeds on her shoulders! We’ll see, what the future will bring, but Amelie has made me proud of her in so many ways already.

Amelie will not be a part of our breeding program, but nevertheless she is a much loved member of the family.


Annuals Nice Device
HD A/A ED 0:0, eyes clear
SW SH CH Jayncourt Natural Star
Sh Ch Sandylands Gad-About CH Sandylands My Guy
CH Sandylands Bliss
Jayncourt Star Blossom Jayncourt Star Tradition
Jayncourt Moonbeam
Annual’s Creme Fraiche
Mandamay Caretaker Donacre High Places
Mandamay Tilly Trotter
Annual’s Fashion Girl DK VDH CH Melicmark Excuse My French
Annual’s Baby Love
HD A/A ED 0:0 Optigen prcd-PRA Normal/Clear (FIN)
SW CH NORW CH NW’97 Mambrinos Triumph
N FIN CH SW’91 W’98 Guideline’s Copyright ENG SH CH Rocheby Royal Oak
Cambremer Copy Cat
NORW CH KBHW’96 NW’98 Mambrinos Celebration NORW CH Narjana’s Thord
NORW CH Gretels Haizel
FIN CH Mallorn’s Xanadu
Winnie’s Frankfurter Team Fieldvalley Fabianco
Novacroft Madeleine
FIN CH Mallorn’s Poison FIN CH M’Lady’s Snow-Ball
Mallorn’s Kiss Me Kate


To most of her titles Amelie has been expertly handled by Maarja Kalma. Thank you Maarja, for putting up with this teddy-bear-eating goofy blond!


  • INT Luige 17.8.2019: Veteran Class Winner (Henric Fryckstrand, SW)
  • Labrador Club Winner 16.8.2019: BEST IN SHOW! (Lotta Vuorinen, FIN)
  • Retriever Specialty 16.7.2016: Best Female, BOS (Rosa Agostini, ITA)
  • Baltic Winner’15 in Tallinn 23.8.2015: 4th in Champion Class, CQ (Sverre Sand, DK)
  • Labrador & Flatcoated Retriever Specialty in Tallinn 21.8.2015: Winner of Champion Class, CQ, Best Female-2 (Linda Harvey Major, UK)
  • Labrador Specialty in Tallinn 29.5.2015: Winner of Champion Class, CQ, Best Female-2 (Paul Collins, UK)
  • Pskov 28.12.2014: Winner of Champion Class, Best Female, Best of breed, CC =  RUS CH = MULTI CH, 3rd in Group (Marina Ostrovskaja, Russia)
  • 26.6.2014 European Winner 2014: “excellent” in Champion Class, selected among the last 6 in that class (Per Iversen, NORW)
  • 25.6.2014 Czech National Winner: Winner of Champion Class, CC, Best Bitch = CZ NAT W’14, CZ CH (Andras Koroz, Ungari)
  • Labrador Specialty Savastvere 2.8.2014: “excellent”, Champion Class Winner, CQ (Margaret Brown, UK)
  • Labrador Specialty in Luige 3.8.2013: Winner of Champion Class, Best Bitch and Best of Breed (Lene Johansen, DK)
  • Estonian Winner’13 2.06.2013: Winner of Champion Class, Best BItch, CQ, CACIB, Best of Breed, 2nd in Group (Juta Haranen, EST)
  • Retriever Specialty 1.6.2013: Winner of Champion Class, CQ, Best Female, Best of Breed (Saskia Rathenau-Beijerman, NL)
  • Retriever Specialty in Narva 27.01.2013: Winner of Champion Class, CQ, Best Bitch-2 (Pia Itkonen, FIN)
  • INT Vilnius 16.12.2012: Winner of Champion Class, CAC (…)
  • INT Vilnius 15.12.2013: Winner of Champion Class, CAC, reserve-CACIB (Svend Lovenkjaer)
  • Finnish Winner’12 9.12.2012: 2nd in Champion Class, CQ, Best Bitch-3 (Patric Ragnarson, SW)
  • Helsinki Winner’12 8.12.2012: 2nd in Champion Class, CQ (Konstadin Shankov (BUL)
  • European Dog Show 2012 7.10.2012: 2nd in Champion Class,  RCAC (Damir Skok, CRO)
  • Bucharest Winner 2012 4.10.2012 : Best of Breed, Bucharest Winner 2012, CAC & CACIB (Luis Pinto Teixeira, POR)
  • Ploiest Winekeeper 2.10.2012: BOS, CAC & CACIB and Romanian Grand Champion (Roberto Velez Pico, Puerto Rico)
  • Romanian Championship 30.09.2012: BOS, CAC & CACIB (Rafael De Santiago, Puerto Rico)
  • Dracula Golden Trophy INT Show 29.09.2012: Best of Breed, CAC, CACIB = Romanian Champion (Andras Korozs, HUN)
  • Luige 8.09.2012: II in Champion Class, Best Female-2 (Igor Selimovic, SER)
  • Retriever Specialty 18.08.2012: II in Champion Clas, Best Female-3 (Gary Johnson, kennel Cremino, UK)
  • Labrador Specialty 17.08.2012: Winner of Champion Class, Best Female, BOS (Cinzia Masetti Fedi, IT)
  • Rakvere 1.04.2012: Best Female, BOS (Markku Mähonen, FIN)
  • Rakvere 31.03.2012: Best Female, Best of Breed (Inga Siil, EST)
  • Tallinn National 3.03.2012: Best Female, CC = EST CH, Best of Breed, Group Winner and BEST IN SHOW-3 (Andrzej Stępiński, POL)
  • Tallinn INT 12.02.2012: Best Female, BOS, CACIB (Alexey Belkin, RUS)
  • Finnish Labrador Speicalty 4.02.2012: … (Richard  Wiles, UK)
  • Finnish Winner 4.12.2011: Best Female, BOS, CC, CACIB, Finnish Winner 2011 (Kirsi Luomanen, FIN)
  • Helsinki Winner 3.12.2011: “excellent” (Henrik Fryckstrand, SW)
  • Minsk INT 27.11.2011: Best of Breed, CAC = BLR CH,  CACIB and Group Winner! (Andrzej Stępiński, POL)
  • Minsk INT 26.11.2011: Winner of Working Class, CAC, reserve-CACIB (Valeria Bobikova, RUS)
  • Tartu INT 6.11.2011: II place in Open Class (Ewa Nielsen, SW)
  • Tartu INT 5.11.2011: Winner of Open Class, Best Bitch-3 (Rajandra Salvi, IND)
  • Retriever Specialty in Estonia 1.10.2011: Best of Breed, BEST IN SHOW! (Beppe Masia, ITA)
  • Latvian Retriever Specialty 18.09.2011: Best of Breed, CAC, Best In Show-3 (Yvonne Saussi, SWI)
  • INT Tallinn 21.08.2011:
  • INT Tallinn 20.08.2011:
  • Labrador Specialty 3.6.2011: Winner of Intermediate Class, Best Female-3 (Manuel Queijeiro, MEX)
  • Kingisepp 2.04.2011: Best of Breed Junior = Russian Junior Champion, Best of Breed, Group Winner, BEST IN SHOW Junior (Olga A Gracheva, RUS)
  • INT Vilnius 20.03.2011: 3rd in Junior Class (Matti Tuominen, FIN)
  • Lithuanian Winner 19.03.2011: Best of Breed Junior = Lithuanian and Baltic Junior Champion, Lithuanian Junior Winner’11 (Vera Smirnova, EST)
  • Latvian Winner 13.03.2011: Winner of Junior Class = Latvian Junior Winner 2011, Best Female-3 (Per Kristian Andersen, NOR)
  • Tallinn 6.03.2011: 2nd in Junior Class, Best Female-3 (Irina Azen, BLR)
  • Tallinn 5.03.2011: Best of Breed Junior, Best of Breed (Gert Christensen, DK)
  • Panevezys 20.02.2011: 2nd in Junior Class (Jūratė Sinkevičienė, LTU)
  • Valmiera 19.02.2011: Winner of Junior Class = Latvian Junior Champion, Best of Breed, 3rd in Group! (Gaļina Strelkova, RUS).
  • INT Tallinn 13.02.2011: 2nd in Junior Class, Best Female-3 (Dusan Paunovic, SER)
  • Vaimastvere Group Specialty: 2nd in Junior Class, Best Female-4 (Beata Petkevich, LV).
  • Tartu 8.01.11: BOB-Junior, Best of Breed (Satu Ylä-Mononen, FIN)
  • INT Finnish Winner 12.12.10: BOB-Junior = FIN JW’10, BEST OF BREED = FIN W’10, 4th in Group and qualified for the Crufts. (Alexey Belkin, RUS and Damir Skok, CRO).
  • INT Helsinki Winner 11.12.10: 2nd in Junior Class (Harry Lehkonen, FIN).
  • All Breed Puppy & Veteran Show 4.12.10: BOB-Junior (Inga Siil, EST).
  • Sillamäe National Show 27.11.10: BOB-Junior, Junior-CC = EST JCH, Best Female-2 (Vera Smirnova, EST).
  • INT Tartu 7.11.10: 2nd in Junior Class, Best Female-3 (Tineke Pillement-Heijden, NL)
  • INT Tartu 6.11.10: BOB-Junior, Junior-CC, BEST OF BREED (Jos De Cuyper, BELG)
  • Rakvere National Show 16.10.10: BOS-Junior, Junior-CC, BEST OF BREED (Elena Ruskovaara, FIN).
  • Šiauliai, 10.10.2010: 2nd in Junior Class (Erdös Làszló, HUN),
  • Limbaži 9.10.2010: ezc/5, promotion prize (Nataša Davidovič, SER),
  • INT European Winner 3.10.2010: 2nd in Junior Class (Tina Hermann, SLO).
  • Slovenian Retriever Club Show: 2nd in junior Class (Margaret Brown, UK).
  • Puppy & Veteran Show 2010: Winner of her Class (Mairi Siimon, EST).
  • 8th Group Show 22.05.10: BOS-puppy (Saija Juutilainen, FIN).
  • Latvian Retriever Specialty 11.04.10: Best of Breed Baby & BEST IN SHOW Baby (Andrzej Stępiński, POL).
  • Tallinn National 6.03.10: Best of Breed Baby (Matti Tuominen, FIN).

Amelie has been often showed by Maarja Kalma, thank You so much for good work!

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Qualified at the field 18.09.2010 (judge Risto Aaltonen, FIN) = International Working Certificate. Amelie was just 10 months old, when passing the test!


Lotta Vuorinen, kennel Mouldhills, FIN:

“Super granny of excellent breed type! Very balanced in all over. Beautiful head with feminine espression. Excellent neck, topline and body. Excellent angulations both front and rear. Excellent coat. Excellent movement not just for her age! Excellent temperament.”

Henric Fryckstrand, SW:

“10 years old, in good condition, beautiful head and expression, nice neck and front, good substance and topline, well angulated overall, moves well, very good coat and tail. Lovely to see a veteran in good condition. She must have a loving owner.”

Rosa Agostini, kennel Rosemade, ITA:

“Beautiful bitch, lovely head and expression, lovely reach of neck, excellent angulations, very well balanced overal, beautiful topline and tailset, beautiful otter tail, showed in very hard condition, excellent coat, moves very well front and rear.”

Sverre Sand (DK):

“Compact champion bitch, good size, good ehad, well angulated, a lot of quality, moves with long steps, worth her title, well handled.”

Linda Harvey Major (kennel Linjor, UK):

“Impressive type, outline and balance, effortless smooth ground-covering gait, confrimed what her confirmation promised, lovely gentle feminine head and expression, deep in body, excellent double coat.” (tšempionklassi võitja, parim emane-2)

Margaret Brown (kennel Ramsayville, UK):

“Beautiful yellow bitch, so sound and free on the move, kind feminine head, strong clean neck, good depth of forechest, length of rib and is short coupled, excellent topline and showing good double coat.” (tšempionklassi võitja).

Lene Johansen (DK)

“Excellent type, lovely head and expression, beautiful topline and tailset, well angulated front and rear, good depth, compact body, strong body, excellent coat, excellent mover.”

Juta Haranen (EST):

“3,5-aastane, väga ilus, ilusate pigmentidega tumedad silmad, ilus rind hea sügavusega, kaunis topline, head nurgad, õige kuju ja asetusega saba, hea temperament, liigub väga hästi, koer väga hea esineja.”

Saskia Rathenau-Beijerman (NL):

“Lovely yellow, lots of temperament, feminine head and expression, good neck and should and angulation, barrel ribbs-max, good bones and topline and tailset, in lovely coat and condition.”

Patric Ragnarson (SW)

“Excellent type, well balanced bitch, very nice feminine head, well set ears, pleasing eyes, nice depth of foreface, good pigmentation, good bite, kind expression, nice neck, well balanced angulations in front and rear, strong topline, well rounded ribs and fine forechest, nice broad thigh and short hocks, good coat, very good tail, moves very well, nice temperament, well presented. A real labrador bitch.” Finnish Winner 9.12.2012, parim emane-3.

Konstadin Shankov (BUL)

“Teeth in norm, excellent type, beautiful head for a female, very good construction and body built, excellent angulations front and behind, excellent muscles and tailset, very good topline and excellent underline, excellent mover.” Helsinki Winner 8.12.2012, II tšempionklassis.

Richard Wiles (kennel Richbourne, UK):

“Beautiful yellow bitch with lovely temperament, good head, alert expression with kind eye, good reach of neck, good topline, in good coat and condition, excellent mover and beautifully presented.” Finnish Labrador Specialty 4.2.2012, 4th in Open Class.

Inga Siil (EST)

“Suurepärast tüüpi, väga feminiinne ja suurepärase anatoomiaga, väga ilus feminiinne pea ja ilme, suurepärane üla- ja alajoon, tugev luustik, kompaktsed käpad, suurepärane rinnakorv ja kere, suurepärane karva struktuur, õige saba, liigub väga hästi, seistes ja liikudes tõeline labrador.” – tõu parim Rakvere 31.03.2012.

Beppe Masia (ITA)

“22 months, well shaped female, good proportions, beautiful head and expression, good angulation of shoulder, straight legs, round feet, correct topline and tailset, good angulations rear, moved soundly.” tõu parim ja BEST IN SHOW!

Yvonne Saussi (SWI)

“2 years old, very balanced, typical bitch of correct size, most typical feminine head, well shaped dark eye, long neck, excellent front angulations, excellent forechest and deep brisket, short strong loin, level topline, excellent tailset and carriage, moves with a lot of drive, very well presented”. Tõu parim, BEST IN SHOW-3.

Manuel Queijeiro (MEX)

“Excellent breed type, very nice head and pigment, good neck and shoulders, good topline and rear angulation.” – noorteklassi võitja, parim emane-3, Labradoride erinäitus 3.6.2011

Vera Smirnova (EST)

“Suurepärane tüüp, suurepärased proportsioonid, ilus pea, ilus kõrvade asetus, ilus kael, seljajoon tugev, head esi- ja tagaosad, hea karv, hea liikumine.” tõu parim juunior, parim emane-2, Sillamäe 27.11.2010.

Jos De Cuyper (BEL)

“1 year old, excellent type, nice feminine head, good neck and topline, tailset, correctly angulated, good breast and ribbings, correct coat, sound mover.” Best of Breed, Tartu INT 6.11.2010.

Dusan Paunovic (SER)

“15 months old, correct young female, middle size, good proportions, correct female head, good chest and bones, correct topline and angulation behind, nice in silhouette moving, good temperament”. II juuniorklassis, parim emane 3.

Elena Ruskovaara (FIN)

“Excellent type, very well trained, very well constructed and boned, excellent type of head and nice expression, typical coat for her age, still a bit loose front steps, excellent side gait and profile in standing.” tõu parim, Rakvere 16.10.2010.

Erdös Laszlo (HUN)

“Well built female, typical head, good neck, correct angulation, good topline and underline, good temperament, presentation and movement.” SP/2 juuniorklass, Šiauliai 10.10.2010

Nataša Davidovič (SER)

“9 months old, beautiful head, very kind expression, correct front, good size, good angulations, excellent temperament, good moving, well presented.” SP/5 juuniorklassis, Limbaži 9.10.2010.

Inga Siil (EST)

“ühe-aastane eriti silmapaistev emane, nii seistes kui liikudes, eriti ilus pea ja ilme, tumedad silmad, õige kõrvade asetus, suurepärane kael, ülajoon, saba asetus ja hoiak, tugev luustik, balansseeritud nurgad ees ja taga, suurepärane rinnakorv ja üleüldine füüsiline vorm, suurepärane karv, suurepärane liikumine igast küljest, tõeline labrador ninast sabaotsani”. tõu parim juunior, Kutsikate ja veteranide jõulushow 4.12.2010.

Margaret Brown (kennel Ramsayville, UK)

“This yellow has excellent profile, she has correct weight, bone and substance for her size and frame, beautiful feminine head with a correct length of muzzle. Strong clean neck, excellent top line and tail set. Moves with good drive and reach. Is unexaggerated.” – II juuniorklassis, Sloveenia Club Show 02.10.2010.

Saija Juutilainen (Finland):

“6 months old lovely puppy, proper bones and body, most beautiful feminine head and expression, nice topline, strong feet, promising forechest, nicely carried tail, moves with excellent drive for age, nicely balanced.” – vastassoo parim kutsikas 8-nda rühma näitusel Luigel 22.05.2010.

Matti Tuominen (Finland):

“Excellent type, head, temperament and proportions, good coat, good bones, well angulated, excellent mover, well presented.”

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My Brand Espirit making a debut at Tallinn National Dog Show on 6th March 2010. Video by Maureen Gamble.

and on the next video she is running for the Best Female at Tartu National Dog Show 8.11.2011. She’s been BOB now for several times and yet she is just 14 months old!

She sure loves to show and strike a pose every day and everywhere!

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