Breed Trial trainings in April and May

Miks treenida tõukatseks? Kõige õnnelikum labrador on see, kes saab teha seda, milleks ta on loodud Treening aitab koera ja omanik suhet tugevdada Eestis ei saa koer ka näitusetšempioni tiitlit ilma katsetulemuseta Katsed läbinud koer saab rahvusvahelise töösertifikaadi, millega saab näitustel registreerida kasutusklassi Tõukatse on stardisamm jahikatsete või praktiliste jahioskuste poole 2018 kevade koolitustsükkel koos […]

Congratulations on passing the breed trials!

Estonian Labrador Retriever Breed Society organized the retriever breed trials on 8th and 9th October 2016 with judge Ari-Pekka Fontell from Finland and we have reason to celebrate as two of our babies passed them with great results: MY BRAND SPECIAL BLEND (Bosse) – qualified in the field, MY BRAND VICTORIA’S SECRET (Victoria) got III […]

2 new water rescue test results!

MY BRAND VICTORIA’S SECRET (Victoria) took part of the water rescue competition on 19th June (judge Christian Diedrichs from Germany) and gained in the VP1 class an excellent result, 98 points out of 100. Next day also MY BRAND SPECIAL BLEND (Bosse) participated and got 86 points and “good” in VP1 class. Congratulations, wonderful results!

Robbie is now qualified in the field

Photo by Pille-Riin Sepp. Once again I can thank good friends for my dogs accomplishments. Reeli and TAWASTWAY’S SNOWHOLIC aka Robbie went to the field trials in Ellamaa and Robbie was not only qualified, but also qualified with lots of good words from the judge Niko Hiltunen from Finland. Thank You so much, Reeli, for […]

Retriever Qualifying Tests

I recently get quite a kick out of the trials and this weekend was no exeption. We had the Retriever Qualifying tests on Saturday and I got to sit (or rather stand) with my hands in my pockets, as I had no dogs with me, but adrenaline was still high, as 4 dogs of my […]