Genuine My Brand Optimus Canis


Genuine My Brand Optimus Canis “Lucca”

22 months on the photo

chocolate male (bbEEDD, does not carry yellow or dilute)
DoB: 23.9.2014
Breeder Dominika Pieczonka, Poland
Co-owned with Ivo Tombak, Estonia


  • hips A/A
  • elbows 0:0
  • eyes clear
  • prcd-PRA Normal/Clear (by parentage)
  • DNA profiled (Laboklin)
  • EIC Normal/Clear (N/N)
  • CNM (Centronuclear Myopathy) Normal/Clear (N/N)
  • CY (Cystinuria) Normal/Clear (N/N)
  • HNPK (Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis) Carrier (N/HNPK)
  • DM (Degenerative Myelopathy) Normal/Clear (N/N)
  • HUU (Hyperuricosuria) Normal/Clear (N/N)
  • PKD (Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency) Normal/Clear (N/N)
  • does not carry long coat or dilute
  • in EKU official database »

We are very happy to have Lucca here in Estonia, he has the kindest character and excellent temperament. He is a grandson of Mallorn’s Chocomania, who visited us years ago and they share many similar qualities. Thank you, Dominika, for trusting us with Lucca!

Lucca is qualified in the field on 30.09.2017, handled by Reeli Kuhi-Thalfeldt, judged by Ari-Pekka Fontell (FIN).


INT CH POL JCH POL BLK UKR BUL CH Mallorn’s Black Gangsta
HD A/A, ED 0:0, prcd-PRA Normal/Clear, EIC Clear
Mallorn’s Romeo
HD A/A ED 0:0, prcd-PRA Normal/Clear, EIC N/N
Visions I’m Able Multi BISS AM CH Sounder’s Hear Me Roar
AM CH Kelleygreen Amazing Grace
Rosanan La Rosa Mallorn’s Arcturus
Rosanan Desert Rose
Mallorn’s Premium Chocolate
HD A/A  ED 0:0 prcd-PRA Normal/Clear
NORW SW SH CH Mementos Mario CH Cha’s Didrik Champ
CH Mementos Fantasia
Mallorn’s Chocomotion SW CH Tjotte’s Now Or Never
FIN CH Boothgates Miz Showbusiness
Amazing Poppy Optimus Canis
HD A/A ED 0:0, prcd-PRA Normal/Clear EIC N/EIC
PL SK CH Mallorn’s Chocomania
HD A/A ED 0:0 prcd-PRA Normal/Clear
SW SH CH Tjotte’s Now Or Never DK & S CH Cassatas Aladdin Aces
FIN & SW & N CH Tjotte’s Babysitter’s Nightmare
FIN CH Boothgate Miz Showbusiness Brandham Show Stopper
Oulsmi Endless Love
POL JCH PL CH Night Night Optimus Canis
HD A/A ED 0:0
POL CH Hercules Poirot Ingver Mallorn’s Arcturus
Aretha Franklin Ingver
GODIVA z Tuszyna Istwan Egon z Krywaldowej Koliby
Latka z Tuszyna

Genuine My Brand Optimus Canis


Lucca is qualified in the field on 30.09.2017, handled by Reeli Kuhi-Thalfeldt, judged by Ari-Pekka Fontell (FIN).


Date Show Judge Class Results
16.08.2019 Labrador Retriever Club Winner 2019, Harjumaa Lotta Vuorinen (Finland) Working SP 2 SK PI3
12.03.2017 National Show, Tallinn Dorota Witkowska (Poland) Open SP 1 SK PI1 TP, BIG-3
11.03.2017 National Show, Tallinn Irina Poletaeva (Finland) Open SP 1 SK
12.02.2017 INT “Tallinn Winter Cup 2017”, Tallinn Zvi Kupferberg (Israel) Open SP
11.02.2017 VIII and IX Group Show, Tallinn Jari Partanen (Norway) Open SP 1 SK PI2 SERT
16.07.2016 Retriever Specialty, Lõuna-Eesti Rosa Agostini (Italy) Intermediate SP 1 SK
05.06.2016 INT “Estonian Winner 2016”, Tallinn Alessandro Zeppi (Italy) Intermediate SP 2 SK
17.04.2016 INT “Tallinna Võitja 2016”, Tallinn Dina Korna (Eesti) Intermediate SP 2
27.09.2015 National Show, Tallinn Anne Livo Buvik (Norway) Junior SP 1 SK PI1 TPJ Jun SERT VSP
26.09.2015 National Show, Tallinn Ivan Vasiljevic (Serbia) Junior SP 1
23.08.2015 INT “Balti Võitja 2015”, Tallinn Sverre Sand (Denmark) Junior SP 1 SK VSPJ Jun SERT
21.08.2015 Labrador Retriever Specialty, Tallinn Linda Harvey Major (United Kingdom) Junior SP 1 SK VSPJ Jun SERT
29.05.2015 VIII and IX group, labrador specialty, Tallinn Paul Collins (United Kingdom) Puppy 1 EAH TPK


Dorota Witkowska, POL:

“Good size & proportions & expression, very good masculine head, good long strong neck, correct topline, good forechest and deep chest, excellent movement.”

Rosa Agostini, kennel Rosemade, ITA:

“Very nice strong boy, lovely head and expression, excellent reach of neck, correct front, excellent topline and tailset, correct turn of stifle, would gain with less weight on his body, moves very well front and rear, correct coat for the season.”

Sverre Sand, DK:

“Junior with good size, masculine head, good stop, normal bite, long neck, good forechest, good front, good topline, well ribs, good angulations, good tailset, good bone, moves with long steps, good coat quality, lovely temperament, well handled.”

Linda Harvey Major, UK:

“Well-made head, good pigment and coat colour, a little light in eye, clean reach of neck on well-set shoulders, lovely forefront, good spring of rib, correct angulations throughout, neat feet, powerful driving movement.”

Paul Collins, UK:

“Very attractive well built chocolate dog, little light in eye color, good clean neck, excellent shoulders, good depth of chest, well boned legs, nice stiffle, overall very attractive, very matured for his age.”