Yellow puppies were born on 1st January 2017!

We are happy to announce that eight lovely yellow puppies were born on the very first day of January! Sired by World Winner’16 EUR Winner’16 CIB CIE RUS JCH RUS FIN LTU KZS RKF CH West Sib Story Idaho out of Arctic Sky Aquarelle. More info and pedigree on the page “Puppies” and also on […]

Yellow puppies in the beginning of 2017!

We are so happy that our trip went well and ultrasound has confirmed that it was also succesful. On the first days of 2017 we hope to greet yellow puppies by World Winner and European Winner 2016 WEST SIB STORY AIDAHO (Feel) out of ARCTIC SKY AQUARELLE (Adele), who is a granddaughter of Eliza. Fingers […]

Black puppies at the end of December 2016!

Ultrasound confirmed, that we will indeed have black puppies in the end of December by GENUINE MY BRAND OPTIMUS CANIS (Lucca) and KARANKAWA MAIARA (Pippa-Lota). Both parents charm with their character and hopefully their puppies will be as charming and healthy and nice. Pedigree and photos of the parents on their personal pages and on […]

Puppyplans in the beginning of 2017

We are hoping to greet New Year with puppies and have planned these two litters for that period of time: GENUINE MY BRAND OPTIMUS CANIS and KARANKAWA MAIARA have been mated and hopefully we will have black puppies on the last days of December. WEST SIB STORY AIDAHO and ARCTIC SKY AQUARELLE have also been […]

We will have spring puppies!

The ultrasound on 18.12 confirmed, that MY BRAND KISS FROM A ROSE (Roosi) and VELVETLINE’S ZSANETT (Victoria) are both in whelp! Let’s keep our fingers crossed that everything goes well and then we will have black, yellow and chocolate puppies in the puppybox at the end of January! More info on the page “puppies”.

We have black and chocolate puppies!

24th November 2012 night brought us black and chocolate puppies: 2 black males, 2 black females, 3 chocolate males and 2 chocolate females! Sire of the puppies is Stenveyz Get Popular and dam My Brand Mademoiselle. The pedigree of the puppies, photos and other information you will find on the page “Puppies” or by phone […]