Several BEST IN SHOW placements!

We had a marvellous weekend at Tallinn National Dog Shows! Thank you, Maarja and Britta for your great help and super fun day! 24.3.2018 Labradors were judged by Tina Peixoto (POR), BIS PUPPY by Tino Pehar (CRO) and BIS JUNIOR by Zaur Agabeyli (AZE): TOUCH MY SOUL REVERIE STREAM (Hera) – BOB Puppy & BEST […]

8th & 9th Group Show in Tallinn

8th & 9th groupshow 10.02.2018 in Tallinn, Labradors judged by Mariia Gvozdieva (Ukraine): MY BRAND HOUSE FO THE RISING SUN (Waterline’s House Blend – My Brand Special Indeed) BOB-Puppy with Special Award, congratulations, Kersti! MY BRAND SKY PRIORITY (West Sib Story Aidaho – Arctic Sky Aquarelle) won male Junior Class, BOB-Junior, Junior-CC, Best male, BOS! […]