Lilli 10 months

8th & 9th groupshow 10.02.2018 in Tallinn, Labradors judged by Mariia Gvozdieva (Ukraine):

  • MY BRAND HOUSE FO THE RISING SUN (Waterline’s House Blend – My Brand Special Indeed) BOB-Puppy with Special Award, congratulations, Kersti!
  • MY BRAND SKY PRIORITY (West Sib Story Aidaho – Arctic Sky Aquarelle) won male Junior Class, BOB-Junior, Junior-CC, Best male, BOS! Congratulations, Jaana!
  • MY BRAND SKY WIZARD (West Sib Story Aidaho – Arctic Sky Aquarelle) 3rd in Male Junior Class,
  • MY BRAND INDIAN MOON (Genuine My Brand Optimus Canis – Karankawa Maiara) “excellent” in Junior Class,
  • MY BRAND ZILLION KISSES (Norbon Hill Double Action – Lulaby Baby Malmesbury Optimus Canis) 2nd in Junior Class, CQ,
  • MY BRAND LAST MINUTE DELIVERY (Vegas Night Bella Mare – My Brand Kiss From A Rose) 2nd in Female Junior Class.